AT Data Portal

Welcome to the AT Data Portal! Our aim is to reduce data gaps and increase knowledge sharing in the AT sector, supporting evidence-based decision-making at policy-level and improving access to information for AT entrepreneurs. Currently, 207 population-based studies are represented here. You can explore these by:

  1. Searching for key words in study titles via the search icon in the upper-left corner (for example, 'visual impairment', 'Australia', 'unmet need');
  2. Selecting countries on the map (or the globe icon to see studies presenting regional or world estimates);
  3. Generating a data table (via the table icon).

As we develop the portal, functionalities will be added to visualise study characteristics and findings, both on the map and in additional visualisations, as well as improve the site's accessibility.

See how we collected the data in the Review Protocol.

Studies conducted at a higher level regions

This section contains studies that were conducted at a region level higher than the one selected, without specifying regions at the selected level.

The table below shows the results after applying the specified filters (including from the search tool above).