Unpacking ‘What Works’: A Commentary of the Key Learnings for ICT from the AT2030 Program

Catherine Holloway, Vicki Austin, Natasha Layton, Diane Bell
Nov. 27, 2023
AT2030 Resources

The AT2030 programme was launched in 2018 to test ‘what works’ in getting assistive technology (AT) to people globally, specifically in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), where there is often a systematic lack of provision. After four years, this paper reviews the project outcomes, focussing on published material. It provides the backdrop to the AT2030 program, contextualises current developments in global AT global and funding, and unpacks the key learnings of what works to get AT to the people that need it around the world, with a focus on ICT. The paper does this by applying Global Disability Innovation Hub’s mission-led and transformative approach, concluding with contemporary actions to improve access to AT to illustrate the value of embracing complexity for AT ecosystem stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, AT users and policymakers.