Assistive technology innovators across emerging markets

The Assistive Technology (AT) map is the first-of-its-kind visualisation of key innovators and stakeholders in the assistive technology and disability innovation ecosystem across emerging markets to be published by a consortium of public and private actors. The map puts a spotlight on the different types of digital tech-driven and inclusivity-focused start-ups and organisations that are creating state of the art solutions for people with disabilities in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia from prosthetics to digital sign language software. As one of the most underexplored and nascent spaces in the tech-scene globally, the AT landscape is beginning to show business viability and attract funding, investment, and resources. This study aims at being a critical initial step in this direction. 

The map has been produced together with GDI Hub and Briter Bridges. The map is open source so designed to be used by others and designed to be contributed to by others. 

You can download the map as a pdf, download the data in an accessible table or view, filter, and search through an interactive and accessible version of this below. 



Assistive technology taxonomy


The table below shows the results after applying the specified filters.