AT2030 Communications Strategy

Global Disability Innovation Hub, Vicki Austin, Louise Gebbett
June 1, 2020
AT2030 Resources

This strategy has been developed to guide communications for the AT2030 programme. It is intended to be a point of reference for communications, a collective call to action, and a clear statement of priorities for the partnership. It will evolve as the programme does and includes details of how resources are allocated to achieve communication objectives. This strategy serves to bring together consistent messaging across the programme and partners are encouraged to use it, and the programme tools and resources, widely capturing their impact where possible.

This is version 2 of a working document that covers the initial period of 2019-2021 and will be refreshed as the programme and context develops until its end in October 2024.

AT2030 has the following (summarised) impact targets: By October 2024 we will:

  • Reach 9 million people directly and 6 million indirectly through increased access to AT;
  • Support 52 new start-ups benefiting up to a million users over time;
  • Conduct 10 country capacity assessments with 5 action plans in delivery;
  • Answer 20 key research questions; o Generate at least 40 new technologies with potential for life-changing impact;
  • Develop 10 innovative service delivery models; and o Double the investment through partner backing.