Catalysing AT access: A unified approach to fund and provide AT services in Indonesia

Clinton Health Access Initiative
Oct. 30, 2020
Case Studies and Reports

Under Cluster 3: Country Implementation of the AT2030 programme, AT2030 partners are working with country governments to identify opportunities to drive availability and affordability of AT. CHAI and the AT2030 programme published a case study on how a new coordinating mechanism within Indonesia is catalysing access to AT within the country.

The case study shows how an assessment of the country’s AT sector highlighted the need for increased coordination among stakeholders. A cross-ministerial technical working group (TWG) was set up in 2019 to address the issues that inhibit access to assistive products. One of the TWG’s first commitments was increasing budgets and developing policy for provision of AT by local governments. A new AT funding scheme – currently named DAK-Fisik Social for AT – will cover the cost of assistive products and services for people with disabilities in Indonesia.

Download the case study.