Dr Maria Kett

Co-Founder of GDI Hub, Associate Director and Head of Humanitarian and Associate Professor at UCL

Dr Maria Kett is a social anthropologist by training and has worked in over a dozen countries in Africa and Asia, leading on a number of research programmes on disability and international development. She is a co-founder of the Global Disability Innovation Hub, leading on the humanitarian-focused work.

Dr Maria Kett has undertaken extensive applied research in the field of disability and international development, with a particular focus on global health, human rights, the impact of climate change, poverty alleviation, education and the consequences of social exclusion. She has published widely in the field. Maria has a strong focus on research in conflict and disaster-affected countries and is currently leading a study around access to assistive technology in humanitarian settings, in collaboration with the WHO (part of the AT2030 programme).

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Maria Kett smiling