Inclusive Design and Accessibility of the Built Environment in Varanasi, India

Mikaela Patrick, Iain McKinnon, Satish Mishra, Shivani Gupta, Prabha Roy, Utsav Choudhury, Kavita Murugkar, Gaurav Raheja
Oct. 13, 2021
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AT2030 is pleased to publish this second case study as part of the Inclusive Infrastructure programme. It is the second of six case studies analysing the state of accessibility and inclusive design in low-resource contexts around the world. The six independent case studies will then be analysed to develop a comparison report and finally a global action report that will offer evidence and recommendations that support making infrastructure, the built environment and urban development in low-resource settings more accessible and inclusive.

This purpose of this most recent case study is to explore the state of inclusive and accessible environments for persons with disabilities in Varanasi, India, through engagement with policy, industry and community stakeholders (policy, practice and people). Through this engagement, the case study is developing evidence on the challenges and opportunities for implementing inclusive and accessible design in Varanasi and makes recommendations on local actions towards becoming a more inclusive city.