Lugha Ishara Case Study

Global Disability Innovation Hub, Innovate Now
Nov. 1, 2023

Lugha Ishara follows a user-centric approach in developing its products, actively involving the users to identify their challenges and using these insights as the foundation for product development. Since its inception, the company has maintained an innovation committee comprising parents with hearing-impaired children, fostering a collaborative relationship with its users and capitalizing on its strengths to create relevant solutions.

Lugha Ishara has established a partnership with the largest children’s hospital in East Africa to closely monitor, assess, and support children with hearing loss and their parents. Lugha Ishara has been providing comprehensive information to parents whose children have been diagnosed with hearing loss. The company does this by guiding parents and the deaf children through a chosen intervention, ensuring a personalized approach to support and monitor each child’s developmental milestones until they achieve language development.

To date, Lugha Ishara has successfully served 400 users, employing various methods to reach its customers. The company organizes quarterly and annual events to engage with its customers actively. Additionally, it has direct access to customers receiving treatment at Gertrude’s Hospital, where Lugha Ishara operates a specialist audiology clinic, offering direct intervention. The intervention involves onboarding children in various ways, with a focus on language development through Kenyan sign language.

Below is their case study showing their innovation journey and future aspirations.