Para Sport Against Stigma: Research Report on the Tokyo 2020 Broadcasting in Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Disability Innovation Hub, Loughborough University, The International Paralympic Committee (IPC), University of Malawi
July 26, 2022
Academic Research Publications

The AT 2030 Para Sport Against Stigma project aimed to examine how disability stigma can be overcome through Para sport so to increase assistive technology (AT) adoption in Africa. The project centred on a four-pillar approach: education, athlete development, Paralympic broadcast and cross-cutting research activity. 

This research report will document the research insights from the broadcast research pillar. It will provide an overview of the research conducted, key insights, and an analysis of ‘what works’ in order to enhance the sustainable development, reach and impact of the Paralympic broadcasting across Sub Saharan Africa as a vehicle for disability stigma reduction and AT adoption. 

The research insights outlined in this report have been developed through fieldwork activities conducted Malawi in collaboration with colleagues at the Centre of Social Research (CSR), University of Malawi. The fieldwork included:

  • Preliminary communicative ecology mapping in Malawi.
  • Interviews with staff at TV Media Sport (TVMS) (the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) broadcast partner responsible for the production and distribution of 
    the Tokyo paralympic games highlights package) and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) (National public service state broadcaster in Malawi).
  • Translations of Paralympic broadcast TV Package.
  • Focus group research with Paralympic audiences across Malawi.

Taken together, the research provided important knowledge on: (a) the successes and challenges in the development and distribution of the Paralympic Tokyo 2020 highlights package; (b) audience experiences of watching the Paralympic highlights package; and (c) the cultural impact of the broadcast on disability stigma reduction and the reduction of barriers to AT adoption.