Measuring Access to Assistive Technology using the WHO rapid Assistive Technology Assessment (rATA) questionnaire in Guatemala: Results from a Population-based Survey

Dorothy Boggs, Angelique Kester, Ana Cordón, Jonathan Naber, Sarah Polack, Gonna Rota
Nov. 9, 2022
Case Studies and Reports

Using the World Health Organisation (WHO) rapid Assistive Technology Assessment (rATA) tool, this study aimed to estimate the population level self-reported Assistive Technology use and unmet need in the province of Sololá in Western Guatemala.

The results showed that there was a high total need and unmet need for assistive products in the province of Sololá in Guatemala, and lower use of APs. These findings highlight an urgent need to strengthen Assistive Technology provision to improve access in this setting, particularly for older people, and to address cost-related barriers and increase public provision. The findings can be used to raise awareness of the AT needs in the population in Guatemala, including for older people and people with functional difficulties, and to advocate and plan at local and national levels to make assistive products more accessible.