Riziki Source Case Study

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Nov. 1, 2023

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15 percent of the global population, roughly 1 billion people, live with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are common misconceptions that individuals with disabilities are incapable of being part of the workforce, leading to fear, prejudice, and myths that hinder their inclusion in workplaces worldwide. One of these myths is the belief that accommodating people with disabilities in the workplace is costly and impractical.

Fredrick Ouko, who has a physical disability due to polio, faced difficulties while searching for employment. As a young graduate, he encountered obstacles while delivering his resume to different offices, where misconceptions about individuals with disabilities often led to misconstrued assumptions. These negative perceptions contributed to difficulties in accessing certain places and even affected how potential employers viewed his capabilities.

Driven by his personal challenges and a resolute desire to bring about change, Fredrick Ouko established ‘Riziki Source‘ in 2015. The term ‘Riziki Source’ is derived from the Swahili word signifying “livelihood.” ‘Riziki Source’ serves as an online platform (Web,app and USSD) with the objective of narrowing the divide in the employment sector by linking individuals with disabilities who are seeking jobs to prospective employers.The platform also allows employers to find suitable candidates, promoting inclusion and diversity in the workforce. Through this platform, Fredrick aimed to offer substantial employment prospects for disabled individuals in Kenya.

Users of Riziki Source engage with the organization’s services through various channels, including the website, a USSD code, and a downloadable mobile app from the Play Store. Through these platforms, job seekers can input their qualifications, skill set, location, and disability information. Riziki Source utilizes this data to match individuals with potential employers. If an employer shows interest in a particular candidate, they establish contact with Riziki Source to proceed with the hiring process, ensuring the specific talent they require is acquired.Riziki Source places emphasis on training employers who have demonstrated an interest in implementing essential accommodations, thereby ensuring their readiness for inclusive employment practices.

Additionally, Riziki Source includes syndicated job opportunities from various platforms in their internal database, as well as direct postings from employers with vacant positions. Consequently, all registered members within the database gain access to these job openings, allowing them to apply directly or seek assistance with the application process if needed.