Scoping research report on assistive technology

Vicki Austin, Catherine Holloway, Felipe Ramos Barajas, Lucie Pannell, Dr Dafne Morgado Ramirez, Richard Frost, Iain McKinnon, Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond, Rosemary Frazer, Dr Maria Kett, Prof Nora Groce, Dr Mark Carew, Dr Ola Abu Alghaib, Emma Tebbutt, Emily Kobayashi, Frederic Seghers, Dr Giulia Barbareschi
June 4, 2018
Case Studies and Reports

Through primary and secondary research, we explore the current landscape, the limitations, and current initiatives, ultimately answering the question: “How best should a target intervention around AT sphere affect positive change for poor, disabled and older people in Global South priority countries?”. To understand this question, the research team asked two specific questions:

1) What are the barriers which prevent access to AT for the people that need it, with a focus on those living in low resource settings within DFID priority Global South countries?

2) How should DFID, in partnership with others best direct its intervention toward overcoming these barriers?