The Liberia Evidence Lab: A new scalable model to deliver School Eye Health

Clinton Health Access Initiative, EYElliance
Oct. 30, 2020
Case Studies and Reports

Under Cluster 3: Country Implementation of the AT2030 programme, AT2030 partners are working with country governments to identify opportunities to drive availability and affordability of AT. EYElliance, CHAI and the AT2030 programme published a case study on work happening in Liberia to expand access to eyeglasses so that students can achieve better outcomes in school.

The case study highlights how school eye health programs can be successfully scaled in under-resourced and under-capacitated contexts, and ultimately supported through a sustainable financing mechanism. The case study shows how school eye health is an entry point and critical building block to comprehensive national eye health coverage. Through a pilot of the school eye health model, approximately 50,000 children received eye screenings across three counties in Liberia.

Download the case study.