Wazi Impact Performance Snapshot

March 29, 2023
Case Studies and Reports

Wazi were part of AT2030's Assistive Tech Impact Fund, using catalytic capital with expert-led venture-building, to unlock new solutions for scale, building AT ecosystems and driving change.

This report, developed by 60Decibels, explores more about Wazi customers, their profiles, outcomes and experiences - looking at key performance and impact metrics to discover customer loyalty, feedback and overall impact to lives.

"The eyeglasses are comfortable and the style is extemely good which makes me feel proud while in a crowd or when someone asks me where I got them from."

The report identified

  • 82% customers reported no good alternatives to Wazi eyewear
  • 83% reported 'much better' comfort
  • 67% reported 'much better' vision
  • 72% felt they had a 'very much improved' or 'slightly improved' quality of life
  • Net Promoter Score of 83
  • Over 9 in 10 of those who paid full price reported value for money is 'very good' or 'good'

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